A downloadable game for Windows

Rosiana is a 2D top down shooter/beat-em-up style game developed by Team Noiz.

The Rosian Realm exists above all others, uniting everyone to a common reality. The Realm protects and balances all other realms from conflicts, maintaining harmony. But nothing can last forever. The balance broken, Rosian becomes overcome with evil forces. You play as a hero summoned to restore the order and peace of life and cast out the endless waves of monsters at any cost.

How long will you last?!

Key Features

◊ Top down shooter with different weapons, attacks and characters

◊ Characters from other indie game universes with their own abilities, attacks, etc.

◊ Unlimited waves of enemies for unlimited amounts of fun

◊ Choose from different types of modes

◊  Intuitive and easy upgrade systems

◊  PvP and Local Multiplayer

More Levels, characters, modes and features to come!


RosianaV02-Windows.zip 227 MB

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